Chicago White Sox: Three reasons to keep Rick Renteria

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Chicago White Sox Rick Renteria
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2. Connection with the roster

It is no secret that Ricky is known for his connection to the players. He seems to be that type of coach that gets players to do their best. A coach that gets the best out of the players around him is one that a team needs today. Those hard-nosed guys don’t pan out like they once did. Renteria clearly has the attention of all of his players as it is clear they play hard for him. Even when the roster was bad, they never were the worst team in the league. You can argue that his 201-284 record with the White Sox is an overachievement.

There is also the fact that he is bilingual. There are a lot of Latin-American players on the Chicago White Sox with more on the way. Having a coach that can speak both English and Spanish is something that is smart for a team like the White Sox. It is easier to get the most out of your players when you can communicate with them easily.

There are also not many people who understand the strengths and weaknesses on the roster quite like Rick Renteria. Bringing in someone new would mean that a new person had to learn the roster inside and out from scratch. For further development of the roster, it would be better to have a manager who can connect to it the easiest.