Chicago White Sox: Three outfielders that are still available

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Chicago White Sox Yermin Mercedes

(Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images)

The Chicago White Sox are still looking to improve. They can still add one of these three outfielders to help that issue for 2020.

The Chicago White Sox are looking to have a very strong starting lineup in 2020. It might be the best the team has had in a really long time. They do have a couple of players who are on the unknown side of things though because they haven’t played with the team yet. There are a couple of rookies coming into the lineup at some point along with a couple of guys who are coming over from other teams.

That might mean that they need a little bit of depth in case someone gets hurt or doesn’t work out. Their outfield might be able to really hit the ball but there might be some defensive woes at the same time. They will use Eloy Jimenez at left and Luis Robert at center. Those are some young studs that can get it done at the plate but how they will be in the field remains unknown. They are going to likely see Nomar Mazara in right for a good portion of the season unless they add someone else.

It might be wise to add someone to the group of potential outfielders for that reason. It is a long season so having too much depth is not a bad idea. There is also an extra roster spot available starting in 2020 so the White Sox will absolutely be taking advantage of that. There are still loads of good outfielders out there to look at. These three would fit the bill better than anyone else for the White Sox:

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