Chicago White Sox: Pitching will be key this season

(Photo by David Banks/Getty Images)
(Photo by David Banks/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox are looking to take the next step in 2020 and pitching will be the determining factor on whether or not they will be able to do that.

The Chicago White Sox are going to be a good team in 2020. They have a starting lineup that is as good as any team in the division. The key to them winning this year is going to be the pitching. Of course, they are going to be able to score some runs so if they can keep runs off the board this will be a team that challenges for the division title.

They will have a plethora of pitchers to choose from in their starting rotation. There are usually only five spots but there are seven guys who realistically can assume one of those five spots. Injury concern and performance will determine who of those seven men are in. Those guys are Lucas Giolito, Dallas Keuchel, Dylan Cease, Gio GonzalezMichael Kopech, Carlos Rodon, and Reynaldo Lopez.

Kopech and Rodon are both coming off Tommy John surgery so they might need to be worked in when they are ready. Kopech is ready now but Rodon is going to likely take a while to get back in. Either way, it is good that there are plenty of options there to help them. There are always going to be injuries to a team so having depth at the position is extremely important. This is going to be a good rotation if everyone is healthy and available for most of the season which is really exciting.

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They all need to perform in order for this team to do well. They are just coming off a rebuild that saw them be awful at the Major League level. They are not just going to step in and dominate everyone as it will take time to get that good. That is why everyone needs to step up and perform. This is a staff that is capable of doing it. The offense is going to be good so the pitchers keeping up is extremely important.