Chicago White Sox: Three starting pitchers to trade away

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Chicago White Sox Michael Kopech

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The Chicago White Sox have a lot of bodies there that they can use in their starting rotation. They could move one of them in order to make room.

The Chicago White Sox seem to have a lot of options for their starting rotation in 2020. They are going to make sure that they come up with the best possible rotation to give themselves a chance to win enough baseball games to be in contention for the division title. There is potential for this starting lineup to be extremely dangerous so they just need pitching to back it up.

This could end up being a rotation that ends up looking a little bit different at the end of the season than it does at the beginning. There are some guys that will be looking to come back at different moments of the season from injury so that could also play a major factor in it all. The fact right now is that there are seven guys that will make up a five-man rotation. There is the possibility that they move two of them to the bullpen at different stretches but you never know how it shakes out. It is good to have depth, however.

There were too many times in 2019 that saw guys who don’t belong in the MLB pitching for the White Sox. That is less likely to be the case in 2020. There is plenty of depth there right now. They can, however, deal one or more of them from the organization. They can trade starters that are on the major league roster or ones in the minors if they so chose. If they wanted to trade from their starting pitcher depth, these three would be the best options to move:

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