Chicago White Sox: Three players they should lock up right now

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The Chicago White Sox have done very well at getting their internal contracts done so these three getting done should be the next priority.

The Chicago White Sox have a phenomenal young group of players. Some are at slightly different positions contractually but they are all around the same age. This is a core that will be the main focus of the team as they try to compete for multiple years in a row. They have done a really good job of locking these guys up for the future but they still have a few more to go.

There will always be guys they need to extend as the years go quickly. They also have new talent coming in and out each year so they just need to make sure their spending money is going to the right places. It will always be remembered as a blessing in disguise that they missed on Manny Machado during the 2018-19 offseason because he will only continue to get older and decline on that big contract.

They have already locked up guys like Eloy Jimenez and Luis Robert long term so that is a really good start. They also have some other options as Yasmani Grandal and Dallas Keuchel should be on the South Side for a long time. They have also been good historically as they were successful with getting long term deals done with Chris Sale and Jose Quintana. You can go even further back than that with players like Paul Konerko or Mark Buehrle.

They have always been good at maintaining their own players on team-friendly deals. The goal is to keep that going with their current core. There are some pieces that are clearly answers to key positions long term and those are the ones that should be taken care of first. These are the three players the White Sox should lock up long term: