White Sox: Three biggest missed opportunities

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The Chicago White Sox had a very productive offseason and there’s no question about that. But, could it have been better than it ended up being? 

Personally, I believe the answer is yes. I will also acknowledge, though, that the same could be said about pretty much every franchise.

There’s not a team in baseball that absolutely accomplished everything they should have this offseason, except for maybe the New York Yankees whose only goal was to make sure Gerrit Cole was wearing pinstripes in 2020.

Even they, though, missed out on some opportunities to improve their roster further despite achieving their goal.

The White Sox are no exception to this rule and I think that there are certainly some areas that could have been improved better.

One position that could not have been improved was the catcher spot where Yasmani Grandal was without question the perfect acquisition for the team as exemplified by his number one ranking among catchers in the game right now by MLB Network.

There’s a lot to be excited about on the South Side in 2020, but it could have even been better if any of these three potential signings came to fruition.

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