Chicago White Sox: Season preview of bullpen pitchers

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Evan Marshall

During the 2019 Players Weekend, Evan Marshall wore a jersey that made national headlines. Sporting “Forgetting Sarah” as an homage to the 2008 Jason Segel film Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Evan made a name for himself n 2019. What did he do with all that attention? He put up a fantastic year out of the bullpen.

Before the 2019 season, Marshall had trouble replicating his 2014 rookie year success and maintaining a consistent amount of innings. Debuting as an Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher, he held a 2.74 ERA in 49.1 innings pitched. He struck out 54 and walked 17.

Unfortunately, he was never able to channel that as he posted a 6.08 ERA in 13.1 innings and 8.80 ERA in 15.1 for Arizona in the years to follow. With an ERA of 9.39 in 7.2 with Seattle in 2017 and 7.71 in 7 for Cleveland in 2018, Marshall was lucky enough to find a team to give him innings.

Out of nowhere, Marshall dominated posting a 2.49 ERA in 50.2 innings, a lower ERA in more innings compared to his rookie year. He struck out 41 and walked 24. He did lose a bit of his control again compared to his rookie season but still performed as perfect as one can out of the bullpen of a rebuilding team. If teams thought the three-headed monster that is Colomé, Bummer and Cishek were scary, they should be shaking in their cleats if you throw Marshall into the mix.