Chicago White Sox: Season preview of starting catchers

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Season Roster Preview starts with an in-depth analysis of the projected White Sox catchers that will be on the 26-man roster March 26.If any team knows what it is like to have a consistent hole in their lineup at the catcher position, it is the Chicago White Sox. With the names Tyler Flowers, Omar Narvaez, Kevan Smith and Dioner Navarro in the lineup, the runs will not be pouring in.

Ever since 2012, A.J. Pierzysnki’s last year with the White Sox, there has been an anchor behind the plate weighing down the rest of the lineup. Until 2019, when an unlikely name who came from an unlikely team came out of nowhere and delivered a stellar performance. He even made the All-Star team, something no White Sox catcher has done since A.J. back in 2006.

After this player’s 2019, it was clear the White Sox were planning for him to be the everyday catcher for a long time. With a promising prospect staying in the back of the organization’s head, the catching core the team built seemed solid enough to compete with contenders. Solid enough was not good enough for General Manager Rick Hahn. Not only did the White Sox sign the best catcher on the market, according to MLB Network, but the team also signed the best catcher in all of baseball.

Moving forward, the team will not have a void in the catchers slot. The depth consists of a proven all-star who is a leader, an up-and-comer who is beginning his prime and a hopeful prospect who has tremendous potential. It seems as if the team has never had this strong of a catching core in their history.