Chicago White Sox: Five players to trade before Spring Training

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Chicago White Sox Eloy Jimenez
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The Chicago White Sox might stand pat with what they have right now, but there are still a few more moves they could make before Spring Training.

The Chicago White Sox has an average or an above-average player at every single position. They haven’t been able to say that for a very long time. Normally, there are a few spots with position players who have a negative impact on the team’s chances to win. That is most likely not going to be the case in 2020 as they look to finally start winning more than they lose. As always, however, they are still looking to improve their roster every single day.

That could start with some of the depth guys that they have in the organization. There are good players who might be getting less playing time this year thanks to the fact that they are just that much deeper. They have guys who can come off the bench and be helpful along with some prospects in the organization that hope to make an impact someday. There is simply not enough room for every single prospect and veteran to be impact players one day for the Sox so they might have to make some decisions over the years.

Spring Training is upon us. The team is going to be trying every little thing to make sure they are perfectly ready to go by the time Opening Day rolls around. That should include making the 2020 roster as good as it possibly can be. Other teams around baseball have been making some significant trades right before Spring Training, so the White Sox could end up being no different. If they were to make a move or two before they get going, these are the five players that they could consider trading for different reasons: