Three things to love about 2020 Chicago White Sox

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Chicago White Sox Yoan Moncada

Chicago White Sox (Photo by David Banks/Getty Images)

The Chicago White Sox are an exciting team to watch in 2020. Since Friday is Valentine’s Day, here are three things to love about them going into this season.

Baseball is back, which is the obvious thing for everyone to love and cherish.

But, more specifically, there’s a lot to love about this White Sox team and, honestly, three things aren’t enough to serve it justice.

That being said, I tried to narrow it down to that many because the list would go on for awhile if I didn’t do that.

Many expect to see a much-improved team on the South Side this season given how active they were this offseason.

The team Chicago saw at the end of the 2019 season isn’t even recognizable now after a phenomenal job done by GM Rick Hahn and the rest of the White Sox’s front office.

Sure, every team could have gone one step further over the course of an offseason, but the White Sox did pretty much everything they could to try to make a winning team in 2020.

This was the offseason where they expedited the rebuild and tried to ensure that last season was the last one they would finish under .500.

Here are the three biggest things to love about this team in 2020.

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