Chicago White Sox: Michael Jordan’s time on the South Side

The Chicago White Sox have had many great players over the years. Michael Jordan was one of them but for a different reason besides baseball.

The Chicago White Sox are well known for having the greatest basketball player who ever lived be a part of their organization for a short time. Yesterday was Michael Jordan‘s 57th birthday, so we remember the time he had as a member of the Sox. It didn’t last very long, but Jordan wanted to play baseball after the passing of his father. It was a dream of his dad’s to see his son play professional baseball so he tried it out.

Michael Jordan happened to sign a Minor League deal with the team that was also owned by Chicago Bulls owner, Jerry Reinsdorf. It would only make sense for the White Sox to be the franchise that Jordan played for in his time away from the NBA. After winning three NBA titles, he thought he had had enough of basketball for a while.

His time with the organization didn’t last particularly long. He also never made a Major League appearance with the White Sox. He only ever suited up for the Birmingham Barons, the AA affiliate of the team. In Birmingham, he hit .202 and had 3 home runs with 51 RBIs. The baseball strike would continue so he decided to quit baseball and return to playing basketball.

He went back to the NBA and the Bulls where he would win another three NBA titles, further cementing his legacy as the greatest basketball player who ever lived. It was a short-lived baseball career for Michael Jordan, but he probably made the right decision. It will never be known how far he would have taken his baseball career but things went pretty well for him in his return to the Chicago Bulls.

Michael Jordan is in the conversation for the greatest athlete who ever lived. He is certainly the likely candidate for the best Chicago athlete who ever lived as well. It is really cool to have a guy with a legacy like that, to have played with the Chicago White Sox at any point. With that said, Happy Birthday to the greatest of all time.