Chicago White Sox: Three trade packages for Nolan Arenado

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Chicago White Sox Nolan Arenado
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The Chicago White Sox have had a couple of rumors connecting them to Colorado Rockies superstar Nolan Aqrenado, so what would it cost?

The Chicago White Sox are about to embark on a season in which they hope to turn the corner of their rebuild. They have torn it to the ground and built it all the way back up over the last three years. They started it off by making a few trades, drafting well, and a couple of international signings over the years. Then, they made some sweet additions over this past winter via free agency.

Now, the time to win has come. They might not be a contender just yet or even a playoff team for that matter, but a few things could go their way that makes that happen this year. They definitely project to be one of those elite teams over the next few seasons if 2020 isn’t exactly the year. Regardless, they are definitely going to start really winning more baseball games starting now.

One thing that could really push them over the edge, is one more blockbuster move this offseason. Spring Training is here so it is pretty late to be thinking of these kinds of things, but there might be something still out there for them to try and take advantage of. The Colorado Rockies and Nolan Arenado have made it pretty clear that the two sides need to end their relationship.

A few rumors with no clout have connected the White Sox to a potential Arenado trade but it doesn’t seem realistic. The thing is, if it did happen that could really increase the White Sox chances of blooming into contenders. If it were to ever happen, these are the three packages that could get the deal done: