Don’t expect the Chicago White Sox to retaliate against Houston Astros

The Houston Astros are going to have no fun dealing with people in 2020, but the Chicago White Sox probably aren’t of concern to them.

The Chicago White Sox are fully underway at Spring Training in Arizona. Cactus League play is getting ready to get going but the biggest story in sports is still the cheating scandal surrounding the Houston Astros. They are dealing with the scrutiny coming from the entire baseball world heading into the 2020 season. There is a lot of speculation about how fans and opponents will handle them.

One thing that is for sure is many people believe they will be retaliated against by their opponents for what they did. There are a lot of players around Major League Baseball that are very upset with that team, it’s players and the commissioner. In fact, a betting prop has set the over/under of times an Astros batter is hit by a pitch at 83.5.

There is also a new rule coming out to try and stop pitchers from intending to throw at hitters. Umpires will now be allowed to come together and determine if there was the intent for a hit by pitch. Managers will also be held more accountable for these types of actions.

The thing is, don’t expect the White Sox to be a team that throws at the Astros. For one, they have Rick Renteria as their manager. He doesn’t really seem like the type of coach that would be okay with this type of thing. This White Sox team believes in themselves going into 2020. They are not going to be concerned with the Houston Astros as they try to better themselves. It would clearly be in their best interest to just worry about themselves.

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They also now have Dallas Keuchel on their team. Keuchel was a member of the Astros during a lot of their cheating days. He even won the World Series with them in 2017, which is the year that they are accused of cheating in the most. With him in the fold, it might just be wise to leave it alone.

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