Chicago White Sox: Tim Anderson’s potential impact in 2020

The Chicago White Sox are gearing up for 2020 in Spring Training right now. Tim Anderson’s importance to this team can’t be understated.

The Chicago White Sox saw Tim Anderson have a huge year in 2019. He won the batting title which really advanced his game on the field, but he also helped market the White Sox with some of his actions. The “bat-flips” and social media presence that he has built has been awesome for the White Sox organization. He has truly blossomed into a great core piece of this team.

It is extremely important that he comes in this year and picks up where he left off. There are some great hitters in Major League Baseball so hoping that he wins the batting title again isn’t fair to him but you can expect him to be a great hitter nonetheless. He is a very important part of this team that looks to turn the corner.

One good thing about Tim is that he still seems to have a chip on his shoulder. He is in the game to prove everyone wrong. He wants the White Sox to be the best team in the league and honestly, that is the mentality you want your team leaders to have. You can expect Anderson to have another really good year this year. He seems very motivated to prove to everyone that he can do it again.

One area of his game that he wanted to work on was his defense. He wasn’t perfect at shortstop in 2019 but he was never the reason they lost games out there. He will make the routine play but had difficulty making the high danger plays more often. If that even slightly improves, he will be known as one of the best shortstops in the league if he isn’t already.

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If the Sox are going to meet those playoff expectations in 2020, a lot of things need to go right. One of those things is Anderson continuing to be an elite player. It is clear that this guy is a huge part of what the White Sox are trying to do. He is officially one of the much-needed team leaders.

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