Chicago White Sox: While We Waited Part 6 – The Rebuild

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(Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images) /
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Moving forward

Under different circumstances, perhaps the 2015-2016 White Sox could have been contenders. Thinking about what could have been can sometimes be infuriating. Frustrations with the front office and their relationships with players like Sale and LaRoche anger some people. The amount of time Robin Ventura spent as the manager also enrages people and, of course, the lack of will to break the bank placed a majority of that anger on ownership’s shoulders.

We can sit and argue about what could have been all day long and we would get nowhere. The fact is the team went through the process and the fans waited patiently for something to happen. It took a while, but after some trades, free-agent signings and development time, the team once again finds themselves in a position to contend again.

Yes, it took longer than expected if you considered the 2016 White Sox as contenders, but the core the team built since then sets them up to contend for more than just one championship. Some good players came and went. Some were fan favorites, and some were hated by a majority of the community.

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We saw the rise and fall of many players and potentials not pan out but the team needed those players to get where they are now.  We are finally ready to begin a new era of South Side baseball behind a strong young core of players who are publicly hungry for a championship and ready to throw one or two or five parades.