Should the Chicago White Sox make any more moves this offseason?

The Chicago White Sox have made a lot of moves over the past offseason. Should they make any more before the regular season gets going?

The Chicago White Sox players are only focused on Spring Training and that is just what we want. With that said, management is always looking to improve the roster. This year is starting off with cautious optimism. There are people who believe that if everything goes right for them, the playoffs could be in their future. People also largely realize that it could go either way in 2020.

Should the White Sox try to make one more addition or two before the season starts? The answer to that question can go a few different ways. If they see an opportunity to make a smart upgrade at any position then they should. If they feel they have their group in place that can win, they shouldn’t make a move just to make one. This has been a process since day one and they never really averted from that. Now is not the time to do so.

They have a bright future with hitters like Yoan Moncada, Tim Anderson, Jose Abreu, Eloy Jimenez, and Luis Robert all ready to be great. There is also some pitching talent in the fold with guys like Lucas Giolito, Michael Kopech, Dylan Cease, and Dallas Keuchel ready to go. Obviously, this team is going to add over the years but this is a good group to try and turn the corner within 2020.

We are probably at the point where this team is what it is which is okay. It will take a few weeks to really get a grasp on how good or not good this team is. The important thing in 2020 is seeing the core players take another step. We saw that in 2019 and need more of it this season. It is going to be very fun to watch for people who were following this thing from the beginning. The World Series isn’t the goal this year but there is no reason for the players to not see that as the goal going forward. That is why keeping this team as is might be the best move right now.