Chicago White Sox: Three reasons they need to trade James McCann

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Chicago White Sox James McCann
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The Chicago White Sox are a team that has some extra players this season that they might not be able to use. Some of them might be on the block now.

The Chicago White Sox have a really good team. They believe they have what it takes to at least compete for a spot in the playoffs. The American League has a bunch of really good teams so it is going to be tight but they believe. The reason for all of the excitement is because they have built a great pool of players within the organization.

One of the only negatives to all of this depth is the fact that only a certain number of players can be on the roster or on the field at any given time.  One guy who might eventually pay the price of that fact is James McCann. There is a deep group of catchers on this team that might see McCann see less playing time than he deserves.

McCann was outstanding in 2019. He had a breakout year that nobody really expected to see. He was so good that he represented the White Sox in the All-Star Game for the American League. He had many memorable moments for the team throughout the season and instantly became a fan favorite. They might see him as the perfect backup catcher but there might be another team out there willing to pay a nice price for a player of his caliber.

The White Sox trading McCann would be good and bad. It would be bad because he’s an awesome player and an even better guy but sometimes that is just the business. If the White Sox did want to trade him, these are three reasons why it would be smart: