Chicago White Sox: Three reasons they need to trade James McCann

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Chicago White Sox Yermin Mercedes
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The emergence of Yermin Mercedes

Nobody in the White Sox organization has taken Spring Training by storm more than Yermin Mercedes. This guy has looked awesome at the plate in every game he has played in. He has a couple of home runs to boast along with the hype of potentially making this team out of Spring Training. He can play catcher, be a designated hitter, and play first base.

If the White Sox were to trade McCann, Mercedes would be able to slide right in and be the backup catcher if that is how Rick Hahn and Rick Renteria wanted to handle him. He has incredible power with his bat so if he can prove to be a competent defensive catcher, this could be the move for the White Sox. Mercedes might make the team anyway, regardless of the White Sox keeping McCann or not. There is still a lot of spring baseball left for them to make that type of decision.

Mercedes appears to have some offensive flair to his game. The White Sox already has a lot of players who can say that so adding yet another one would go a long way for this team. The fact that this is happening might be the thing that makes James McCann the most expendable. The Sox would need to determine if the guys they have to replace McCann in the backup role are equal or better.