Chicago White Sox: Three reasons they need to trade James McCann

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Chicago White Sox James McCann
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Sell high

James McCann had a career year in 2019. In his age 29 season, he had never had a better season than that one he was having. He was selected to be an American League All-Star and that is when the hype around him began. The thing is, the odds of him being that good again in 2020 or ever are low. He is definitely going to be a good player, but a reigning All-Star is something he very well might never be again.

That is why the White Sox could sell him now. His value might literally never be higher. Teams will see him as a guy coming off a year like 2019 which is fair. If he were to come in and have a mediocre year, that would significantly lower his trade value. There are plenty of teams out there who could use a really good catcher right now and the Sox would be able to take advantage of that.

If a team came calling with a nice package in return for McCann, the White Sox should not hesitate. The White Sox aren’t rebuilding anymore but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t always be looking to keep the minor league system strong. That is the key to sustained success so maybe a McCann trade could help that cause.