Chicago White Sox: Can Jimenez lead the 2020 team in hitting?

(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox saw Eloy Jimenez burst onto the scene in 2019. So can he lead the team in hitting for the 2020 season?

The Chicago White Sox are in a very good spot with their starting lineup. If they all play to the level we know they can, they will score a lot of runs this season. They have a few players that you would consider elite. One of those players should be Eloy Jimenez. He was an electric power hitter as a rookie in 2019. Seeing what he can do in 2020 should be a lot of fun to watch.

He is a guy that people see as a potential 50 home run man. That should mean that he is at or near 100 RBIs as well which will help the White Sox win the most games. He has been as polished a hitter to come in as a rookie for the White Sox in a long time. The fact that he hasn’t even scratched the surface of his potential should be scary for the rest of the league.

In 2019, not only did Tim Anderson lead the White Sox in hitting, he led all of Major League Baseball. Nobody is expecting Anderson to lead the league again but it would be nice if he still had a really good year. With that said, is it possible to see someone else lead the White Sox in hitting? Obviously, Yoan Moncada comes to mind. He came in third in American League hitting in 2019 so he is definitely a good pick to lead the White Sox.

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It is certainly possible for Eloy Jimenez to be that guy too. He can really hit the ball and his ability to hit for average seems to be underrated. Everyone seems to be high on his power and rightfully so. It is definitely his strength to hit for power but it should surprise nobody if he leads the team in batting average or is in the top three. Jimenez is a game-breaking player offensively and everyone should be so excited to watch and see how good he becomes.