Chicago White Sox: Predicting the final 26 man roster for 2020

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Chicago White Sox Yoan Moncada
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The Chicago White Sox might have their best roster in over a decade, but who makes the final 26 man roster for this 2020 season?

All of the Chicago White Sox fans should be very excited about this 2020 season. They might not be a World Series team yet and they might not even be a playoff team yet but they are surely a much-improved team on paper. They are currently in Spring Training trying to figure things out. Certain guys are locks to make the team and others are still working on it. There is some great talent in this organization looking to get this team where they need to be for the first time in a while.

In 2020, for the first time ever, MLB teams will have a 26 man roster instead of a 25 man roster. That is huge for the White Sox as they are going to want all the help they can get. They were a bit top-heavy last season so hopefully, this is the year where they have that depth needed at the MLB level to be a playoff contender.

So who is it going to be that rounds out this 26 man roster on opening day? It is going to be a fun internal competition to get there. There are some rookies who may have a chance this year but in all honesty, it might be smart for them to have another year in the Minor Leagues.  There also might be a rookie or two who don’t make it right out of Spring Training but get their chance at some point during the season. This is a prediction of the 26 players who will be on the opening day roster: