Chicago White Sox: Predicting the final 26 man roster for 2020

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Chicago White Sox Lucas Giolito
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Starting Pitchers

Chicago White Sox. Lucas Giolito. 11. player. 128. . SP

Lucas Giolito was one of the most improved players in all of baseball from 2018 to 2019. He came in sixth place for the American League Cy Young Award because he was one of the best pitchers in the world for most of the season. He is the ace of this staff and is likely going to be the Opening Day starter this year. Expect him to be on the mound often this season. Opening Day, a potential Wild Card Game,  Game one of a playoff series, it doesn’t matter because this is the main guy in the rotation as of right now. The key for Giolito is to repeat what he did last season.

SP. Chicago White Sox. Dallas Keuchel. 12. player. 128.

Dallas Keuchel is probably the biggest addition to the Chicago White Sox because of the fact that pitching is so important in the game today. He is probably going to slot in as the number two guy behind Giolito. He brings experience and a Cy Young to the table. Keuchel is the type of guy who is going to be a good impact on this young rotation as they look to take the next step. The most important thing for Keuchel is to set an example by pitching well and being a good leader.

128. . SP. Chicago White Sox. Gio Gonzalez. 13. player

Gio Gonzalez is another key piece that the White Sox brought in this season. He is, in a perfect world, a number four or five starter but in the early going he is probably going to be their third guy. The two that will come after him are on the young side so having the veteran ahead of him is probably the smart play. He was brought in to come in and eat some innings while helping the young guys reach their potential.

. SP. Chicago White Sox. Dylan Cease. 14. player. 128

Dylan Cease has all of the potentials in the world. He was a high-level prospect when the White Sox acquired him and he remained at that level all the way through his MLB debut. He did make his big league debut in 2019 and had ups and downs. The White Sox are hoping that he can find his way this season and turn into that stud he projects to be. He will be on the Opening Day roster and should start the fourth game of the season for Chicago.

128. . SP. Chicago White Sox. Reynaldo Lopez. 15. player

Reynaldo Lopez was probably their best starting pitcher during the very hard 2018 season. Then, he took a step back in 2019. This year is very important to him. The White Sox are going to keep bringing guys in so if Lopez wants to remain as a starter for this team, he needs to have a good year this year. The scouting report on him is that he is good early in the game and then starts to struggle once he reaches the order for the second time. That has the makings of a good reliever so if he wants to remain a starter he needs to clean that up this year. With that said, he will be on the Opening Day roster.