Chicago White Sox: Two guys looking to take a huge step in 2020

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Chicago White Sox Yoan Moncada
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The Chicago White Sox are a young up and coming team that has a lot of potentials to do some good things in 2020. These two guys might explode this year.

The Chicago White Sox are off to a decent start in Spring Training. They are winning games but most importantly, the proper players are playing well and showing that they can lead the team. This is a team with cautiously optimistic expectations for themselves. They believe that they can get it done this year but they need everything to go right. If all goes well, they should be competing with the Minnesota Twins for the American League Central title.

They have built this thing from the ground up. All of the players that they have brought in since starting the rebuild have been awesome. Not every single prospect is going to be a superstar but they have a couple of them budding into legit stars. The ones that might not be stars are still going to be MLB contributors in different roles. Not everyone has to be a star but they need 26 men on the roster that can help the team win in key situations.

There are two guys who the White Sox have that can absolutely be superstars. They were both acquired from the team to the north side of the same city. One has already had a really good season and looks like he will be one of the best hitters in the world while the other is a pitcher looking to find his way. If these two studs reach their max potential, the White Sox are going to be a dangerous team for a long time. These are the two players that are looking to take a big step during the 2020 season: