Chicago White Sox: 3 players who could use the break to their advantage

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The Chicago White Sox are going to be suspended along with the rest of the MLB and these three players might benefit from the extra time.

The Chicago White Sox are on pause along with the rest of the MLB. We don’t know when they will be back but we do know it won’t be until mid-May at the earliest. That is less than ideal news as we are starving for a winner on the south side. It has been a long time since the White Sox had a legitimate chance at the playoffs. Now, their roster finally looks like one that can compete but the season is on pause.

With that, the players can still take advantage of their current breaks. Things might get worse before they get better but every player is in the same boat. No team has an advantage over another as things develop right now but the White Sox could make sure that they are ready for whenever the break is over. They have plenty of guys who can take the proper procedures to make sure they are ready. This is an issue that goes beyond baseball, but they can be ready for baseball when it does come back.

No team is void of injuries at any given time but there are a few players on the White Sox who could use the break more than others. There are always players who would benefit from time off and this White Sox team is no different. They, as a team, might benefit from this break in the long run as they hope that the postseason is in their future. These are the three players that will benefit from the MLB’s pause whenever it is that they do resume: