Chicago White Sox: 3 players who could use the break to their advantage

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Chicago White Sox Gio Gonzalez
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The Chicago White Sox didn’t have Gio Gonzalez make a single start for them in Spring Training. That was because of a left shoulder injury. They were expecting him to make his first start of the Spring but the game was canceled because of rain. That would have been the last game before Spring Training was canceled. Now, Gonzalez has even more time to be ready.

He should be perfectly fine to come back at 100 percent when the season resumes. That all depends on how his shoulder feels but he definitely needs to keep working to get there. He can throw and have simulated games while waiting for the season to come back.  It is good to know that he will have extra time because having him as a part of this rotation could prove to be pretty important.

It will be good when the White Sox get back. light. Related Story

If anything positive is going to come from this horrible time that we are in, it is that the players dealing with small injuries will be able to be 100 percent when the season begins. The White Sox needs all hands on deck in order to be a winning ballclub this year so hopefully, they can turn this negative into a positive.