Chicago White Sox: Lucas Giolito speaks about the pause

(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox could use some positivity along with the rest of baseball and Lucas Giolito might be the guy to bring it.

The Chicago White Sox are finally looking like a good baseball team. This Major League Baseball season is getting underway on a delay which is very unfortunate. They are finally good on paper but we have to wait just a little bit longer. It is uncertain when this season is finally going to get going but the White Sox coming back is something to truly be excited about.

Lucas Giolito finally spoke on the matter with our friend Chuck Garfien of NBC Sports Chicago. He went on their “White Sox Talk Podcast” and fed a bit of positivity to the White Sox fanbase. There are reasons to be positive through all of this as White Sox fans and Giolito made it perfectly clear that it was the same mindset that the team has.

"“Sox fans out there… hang tight… We’re all in good spirits, in good shape and get ready to roll.”"

That was a quote from Giolito in his conversation with Garfien. It sounds like the team got together and had a conversation about it all. It would be a smart idea if they did because everyone knows that this can bring some people down. The White Sox went into the spring with lots of hope and excitement. It has sort of come to a halt as a result of Spring Training being canceled and the regular season is delayed.

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The fact that the White Sox ace and one of their best players came out and said something like that is good news. He has turned into one of the leaders on the team so his thoughts on the matter are important in the eyes of most people. He believes that the team is going to be confident in themselves to bring back the exact same swagger that they once had before the pause. Life is less fun without baseball but the White Sox are in good spirits according to Giolito.