Chicago White Sox: Can Nolan Arenado still be an option during pause?

(Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)
(Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox are on pause but can they still rethink the rumors they were involved in regarding one of the league’s best players?

The Chicago White Sox aren’t playing baseball games right now. With that, we can revisit an old rumor that was floating around right before the beginning of Spring Training. There were some people out there who truly thought that Nolan Arenado was on his way out of the Colorado Rockies organization. He still might be but it appears he will at least start the regular season with them.

The thing is, the White Sox were one of those teams who were rumored to be in on Arenado. It clearly hasn’t happened and there is a very low chance of it happening, but what if? That would make the White Sox even closer than we thought to be a championship contender. It might seem like an unnecessary need but adding one of the best players in all of baseball is something you explore if it is available to you.

Arenado’s place on the White Sox would be something for the management staff to figure out if something ever happened but it is fun to speculate. Yoan Moncada, assuming it doesn’t hurt his game mentality, could move back to second base and slide Arenado into third. Arenado needs to be at third base as there aren’t many if any, better than him defensively in the world.

Arenado coming to the White Sox is the longest of longshots but what else is there to do during the pause besides speculate? This was a real rumor that took over White Sox Twitter right before the season started to get going. It would also be something truly amazing to have a guy like that comeover.

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The good news is, no matter what happens, the White Sox are going to be very fun to watch. Nobody knows how many games they are going to win but they should be exciting. There is a lot of great talent already there looking to take a major step.