Chicago White Sox: Jake Burger speaks out about his status

The former Chicago White Sox first-round draft pick has dealt with some serious injury trouble but he is now finally speaking out about his status.

The Chicago White Sox have to be wondering if Jake Burger is a part of their long term plans anymore. He was certainly at one point as they drafted him with the 11th overall pick in the 2017 MLB Draft. Jake Burger is a great player with a lot of power in his bat but two major injuries back to back have really put his MLB career on pause. He is hoping that he can get back to trying to reach his MLB dream in 2020.

Well, during the pause of the sports world Jake Burger took to Twitter. He laid out a long message to White Sox fans about the process he has gone through over the past two seasons. He also seems to be what is now good spirits after a while where the spirits weren’t so good. He notes that he battled depression and anxiety over this but he is opening up to help get through it. It is a good message to send to other people who might be going through a tough time as well.

Burger played his college baseball at Missouri State where he was awesome. He has only played a handful of games at the Minor League level with Kinnapoliis before his injuries started to take over. Now, he is going to try and rise through the ranks of the White Sox Minor League system and move on with his career. The MLB and MiLB are on pause right now obviously, but it will be back in time for Jake to have another chance.

If Burger is never going to be a full-time player with the White Sox, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have an MLB future. He plays third base and was likely looked at as the third baseman of the future but since then a lot has happened. Yoan Moncada made the switch to third base and became elite at it. A lot of other young White Sox players have come up through the ranks and taken positions as well.

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With that said, it doesn’t mean that Burger will never get a chance with the White Sox or someone else. They could trade him away for a different position of need if they ever felt they were a piece away from being a real threat. Another team that needs high-level prospects should be willing to take a chance on him because he has a high ceiling. If anything, everyone should be pulling for Jake Burger to make it someway, somehow.

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