Chicago White Sox: Three trade packages for Kris Bryant

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Trade 2

The Chicago White Sox are hoping that one day, Andrew Vaughn is a stud power hitter in the middle of their lineup. He can mash home runs and take full advantage of the opportunities he is going to be given. With that said, if they have the opportunity to trade Vaughn someday for an elite player they just might. You see it all the time across baseball. Teams often trade top prospects like Vaughn for starters or one more big bat before going on a run.

Jonathan Stiever is an up and coming pitcher in the White Sox system. He is currently their number five prospect right now but they have a lot of great pitching prospects. They also have some arms in the rotation right now that don’t figure to be going anywhere any time soon. Stiever would be a good addition to the Cubs Minor League system. He is only 22 years old so he might be fitting if the Cubs are looking to restock their cupboard of prospects.

Micker Adolfo is a 23-year-old right-fielder and designated hitter. The Cubs might be looking for a guy who can join their prospect field of players looking to be MLB players one day. He has been slowly progressing through the ranks throughout his career but he might never get the opportunity with the White Sox. His chance might not come until he is a part of a new organization. This would be the type of trade where the White Sox get a star for one very highly touted prospect and two mid-level prospects.