Chicago White Sox: Tim Anderson could be a key to coming back strong

(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox are going to need to try and regain the steam they were building during Spring Training and Tim Anderson could be the key to that.

The Chicago White Sox are in good spirits as the MLB season draws closer to what would have been Opening Day. Coronavirus has put the world on pause and that includes baseball. The White Sox are one of the few teams who feel like they had an outstanding offseason. They had all of this momentum being carried into the 2020 season and now they have to wait even more.

One reason they should be confident despite this minor setback is Tim Anderson. Anderson developed into one of the White Sox star players during the 2019 and he gave them an attitude as an organization in the process. Yeah, he is a cool player that has all of the bat flips and whatnot, but his presence combined with his performance should be very good once the White Sox do actually return.

Tim Anderson is a very good baseball player. He took his game to the next level in 2019 when he won the Major League Baseball batting title. Not a single player in baseball that had enough at-bats to qualify had a better batting average than Tim Anderson. It also came in the same year that he became one of the true leaders of the team.

Anderson is one of the reasons that fans should be excited about when the season finally does start. He should be able to lead this team back to the mindset that they had before it was interrupted. He is a great player so that helps him get respect in the clubhouse but he is an impressive leader regardless of what he is doing on the field.

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The White Sox are one of the less respected teams in baseball anyway so his “us against the world” mentality is very relatable for all fans of this team. If anyone is going to help this team hit the ground running when baseball comes back, it is going to be Tim Anderson.