Chicago White Sox: Two completely foolish trades in team history

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Trade 1

The Chicago White Sox have Tim Anderson currently slated to be their shortstop for a very long time. He has turned into an elite hitter despite being a guy who could use a little bit of work on his defending. Once that is figured out, he is going to be a truly elite player. Fans should have no issue with the fact that Tim Anderson is there for a long time. He makes the trade that they made in 2016 with the San Diego Padres hurt a lot less.

It was a foolish trade made by a team that thought they had what it takes to be a playoff team despite the roster being extremely flawed. There was a lot of talent at the top of the lineup but the depth was very poor. Chris Sale and Jose Quintana were both all-star pitchers and there was some talent that can score some runs but the bottom fell out quickly.

They felt that they were missing a pitcher so they acquired James Shields from the San Diego Padres. Shields not living up to expectations were one thing but the biggest issue was the fact that they sent Fernando Tatis Jr. to them in exchange for Shields. They also sent Erik Johnson to the Padres in the trade.

Since the trade, Tatis Jr has turned into a superstar and Shields was borderline bad for the White Sox in the process. He would probably be the starting shortstop for the White Sox right now and they would have found somewhere else to use Anderson. It is easily the worst trade the White Sox have made in decades and one of the worst in the history of the team.