Chicago White Sox: Who would make an all-Chicago team?

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The Chicago White Sox and Chicago Cubs have a lot of good players in their organizations but who would make it on an All-Star Chicago team?

The Chicago White Sox and Chicago Cubs have had some good battles over the history of the rivalry. The truth about the rivalry, however, is that it is a fan-driven rivalry. The White Sox and the Cubs have absolutely nothing to do with each other when the Crosstown Classic isn’t going on so it is clear that it is for the fans because they both play in the same city. They aren’t in the same division nor are they even in the same league.

The only time they matter to each other besides the two series’ in the regular season would be if they played in the World Series. The city would go crazy if that ever happened and there might not be a more realistic chance for that to happen than over the next 2-3 years. The Cubs already have their proven talent on the roster while the White Sox are hoping to put it all together.

Now, what if you put the rosters together to for an All-Chicago team? That team would be so sweet and likely a World Series contender. There are some positions that would spark some spicy debates. There is one position in particular that would really spark up some heated arguments between White Sox fans and Cubs fans but more on that later. These two teams are good for the city of Chicago because summer baseball feels good in this city. If they came together for one all-star team, this is what it would look like: