Chicago White Sox: Who would make an all-Chicago team?

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Right Field

Jason Heyward vs Nomar Mazara

The Chicago teams are not loaded at the right-field position. The Cubs paid a lot of money to sign Jason Heyward in free agency a few seasons ago but he has been a major disappointment. It isn’t a signing that gets a lot of hate because they won the World Series with Heyward in right. However, it is now a contract that has them handcuffed because of the amount of money he makes without much production.

The White Sox definitely don’t have a lot of great recent history at the position either. They tried to do something about it this last winter when they made a trade with the Texas Rangers for Nomar Mazara. He is the type of player that everyone thinks has lots of talent but has never reached his true potential. He can hit 20 home runs and be an average player but some believe he is capable of taking a big step.

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If you had to pick one of these two players while ignoring their contracts, Heyward is the more experienced player that can bring more to the table. One thing that isn’t talked about enough is his ability to play defense. Heyward is a five-time gold glove award winner for his efforts in the field. With the fact that their offense can be similar, you have to go with the guy who brings a great glove to the position in the outfield.

The verdict: Jayson Heyward