Chicago White Sox: Who would make an all-Chicago team?

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Chicago White Sox Eloy Jimenez
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Left Field

Eloy Jimenez vs Kyle Schwarber

Cubs fans already know what is coming for them here. This might be tough because they traded Eloy Jimenez to the Chicago White Sox so they can have Jose Quintana. Jimenez came to the MLB and was awesome pretty much right away. For the first few weeks of the 2019 season, he struggled with what MLB pitchers were doing with him but then he figured it out basically overnight.

Kyle Schwarber had a good year himself but it is hard to say it was as good as Eloy’s year. Schwarber did hit 38 home runs and had 92 RBIs which are impressive totals. Eloy hit 31 in his rookie year and had 79 RBIs to go with it. Jimenez’ totals are a bit less but he had 61 fewer at-bats and is still a rookie. Neither of these two players is all that good in the field. They both need some more work on their defensive game but they both can hit the ball really well.

Schwarber played in 33 more games than Jimenez so him having a 2.1 WAR to Jimenez’ 1.5 makes complete sense. Eloy had the better batting average in his first season as well so it is starting to become clear which team has the better left fielder going forward. Both of them are good players but it is rare for a hitter to be as polished in his first year as Jimenez was for the White Sox.

The verdict: Eloy Jimenez