Chicago White Sox: Three studs who need baseball back ASAP

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Chicago White Sox Tim Anderson
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The Chicago White Sox have some really good players ready to go but some of them need it back sooner than later after how good they were in 2019.

The Chicago White Sox were looking forward to the 2020 season as much as any team in Major League Baseball. They had a lot of hype surrounding their good young core that took a major step in 2019. It was a remarkable year for many players in the organization so this year seemed to be the year where they took a big step. It was something that everyone was looking forward to all winter long.

With that hype from the players that were already there, the fact that they did a bunch of adding via free agency this summer made things even more exciting. They added Dallas Keuchel, Edwin Encarnacion, Gio Gonzalez, and Yasmani Grandal. They made a trade for Nomar Mazara as well through it all. Those are some upgrades at key positions that needed upgrading for the White Sox.

They also have some prospects coming in. Luis Robert is one of the top prospects in all of baseball so he is expected to make an immediate impact. There is also Nick Madrigal who might make his debut at any point during the season. He is a little bit behind Robert but he will make an impact one day soon as well. The fact that this young team keeps getting younger is great news for the chances of this team being good for a long time.

Baseball will be back. We don’t know exactly when but it will eventually be back. The White Sox are the team that needs it back as soon as possible. The whole team is going to be so excited when it does because of what could be ahead. These are the three studs who broke out in 2019 who need baseball back for 2020 as soon as possible: