Chicago White Sox: Three players hurt by shortened season

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Chicago White Sox Alex Colome
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2. Alex Colome

Alex Colome‘s issue has less to do with the delayed start to the season and more so with the way the league is talking about possibly constructing the schedule.

As previously mentioned, the league has talked about doing seven-inning scheduled doubleheaders.

That could hinder a closer like Colome because of the danger of the Chicago White Sox overusing him.

Colome, Aaron Bummer, and Steve Cishek honestly are the only bullpen arms that give the organization comfort right now, with the potential of Evan Marshall joining that group.

With that being the case, it is likely that the team is going to demand a lot of innings from that trio and, with Colome leading the way, he could find himself being used twice in one day even.

Even if they don’t do that, the likelihood of him pitching three or four days in a row has increased dramatically.

On the bright side, this decision by the league could also come along with expanded rosters possibly which could give the team more bullpen arms to work with so that they can avoid overusing them.

However, the team is likely not going to want to use their eight or ninth-best reliever to get key outs later in games, which still leaves Colome in line to get overused, at least slightly.

Truthfully speaking, any of the key three pieces of their bullpen could have been put in this spot as they all might find themselves in this situation throughout the 2020 season.

The Chicago White Sox could certainly use a rebound season from Kelvin Herrera this year to help mitigate this concern.