Chicago White Sox: Three players hurt by shortened season

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Chicago White Sox Yasmani Grandal
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3. Yasmani Grandal

Yasmani Grandal finds himself on this list for a similar reason.

The backstop is likely going to be asked to catch many games in 2020 and doubleheaders being added into the schedule could pose an issue.

His issue with doubleheaders is, in a way, the inverse of Colome’s though as the goal is to get Grandal in as many games as possible this season.

However, having doubleheaders could make that quite complicated as there is almost no scenario where Grandal could reasonably be expected to catch in both games.

As an American League team, the Chicago White Sox certainly do have some flexibility with this as the team can simply put James McCann behind the plate and move Grandal to DH or first base on a given day.

Jose Abreu and Edwin Encarnacion also are going to need their at-bats, though, which could mean fewer games with Grandal in the lineup.

That could create some complicated decisions for manager Rick Renteria to make in what is almost guaranteed to be a crucial season for him.

The Chicago White Sox almost certainly can find Grandal at-bats on days in which he isn’t an option behind the plate if they so choose, but a condensed schedule could force them to make some difficult choices, especially on days with two games being played.

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The Chicago White Sox are in good shape to compete when the 2020 season starts, but these three players could have or pose some issues this season.