Chicago White Sox: Three biggest unsung heroes in 2005

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Chicago White Sox Paul Konerko
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The Chicago White Sox were led but some studs in 2005. With that said, there were some unsung heroes that they absolutely needed.

The Chicago White Sox had their best season in franchise history in 2005. As we sit here and wait for baseball to come back after the global pandemic going on, we can look back at the good times to make us more excited for the future. That 2005 team reminds us of what the future could hold with their current group. Can Yoan Moncada step up and be clutch like Paul Konerko? Can Lucas Giolito recreate what Mark Buehrle did?

Well, it is nice to have stars producing at a high level. The thing that makes championship teams click, however, is the play of depth players. Every elite team in baseball is good beyond their Major League roster. You need to be deep as an organization in order to go on championship runs. You need an AAA team that can fulfill any needs as they become apparent throughout the 162 game grind. Then, when rosters expand, you need to be able to expand them with good players.

The White Sox were able to do that in 2005. They were good all year long which led to their 99-63 regular-season record. Then, their 11-1 record in the playoffs won them the World Series. Of course, the stars shined but there were definitely some role players that stepped up to go above and beyond. No group of five or so stars can carry a Major League squad to a championship. It is important to recognize the right role players to bring in each year. These are the three most unsung heroes from that magical run to the 2005 World Series: