Chicago White Sox: Lucas Giolito is a video game star now

(Photo by David Banks/Getty Images)
(Photo by David Banks/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox ace, Lucas Giolito, had a breakout year in 2019. Before he is able to get started in 2020, he is becoming a video game star as well.

The Chicago White Sox saw Lucas Giolito bloom into an absolute superstar in 2019. He became the ace of the staff and showed exactly why he was one of the top prospects in the world when the White Sox acquired him. He had a terrible time in 2018 and that left some people wondering but 2019 was amazing for him. He was going to be the Opening Day starter for the White Sox but we all know what happened there.

So what is he doing to fill his time during the stay at home orders due to the coronavirus? Well, he is becoming a video game star. He is participating in a tournament with one representative from each Major League team in MLB: The Show 20. All of the games he is playing in will be streamed on his Twitch channel.

This is a short schedule simulating an MLB season that will feature playoffs and World Series. Giolito is going to try and win the whole thing as a representation of the Chicago White Sox. It is a good way for Major League Baseball to try and keep some fans entertained while we deal with these difficult times. It isn’t easy to get through these times with a smile but this is a little way to help.

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Obviously, Gioltio would rather be playing in a Major League season right now with a White Sox team that looked so promising. He will get his chance eventually so we just have to sit tight right now. When Giolito his the mound next, it is likely going to be the very next game that counts for the White Sox. He is going to be the ace of a good staff on a good team so just be patient for a little bit longer and make sure you tune into Giolito’s quest for the MLB: The Show title.