Chicago White Sox Anniversary: 16th no hitter in team history

(Photo by David Banks/Getty Images)
(Photo by David Banks/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox have had some good times over the years and Mark Buehrle provided a lot of them. The 16th no-hitter in team history is a fine example.

The Chicago White Sox had a lot of great players on their roster for a long time.  Through the years that saw them be a very good baseball team, there were some great moments. One player who provided a lot of great moments is Mark Buehrle. He threw in the World Series run that the White Sox had in 2005 which was incredible but the regular season provided some great moments as well.

One of those moments came on this day in 2007. Mark Buehrle threw the 16th no-hitter in franchise history.  Not to be confused with his magical perfect game that he threw later in his career but the simple perfect game still goes down as one of the great moments in White Sox history.

In fact, Buehrle still threw to the minimum of 27 batters in this game despite it being a no-hitter instead of a perfect game. In the middle of the game, Buehrle walked Sammy Sosa of all people. He was late in his career playing for the Texas Rangers. Well,  Buehrle picked Sosa off at first base allowing him to still have a “3 up, 3 down” inning. The walk was the only blemish of the otherwise perfect game.

The White Sox were able to pull off the win in this game over Texas as well. A 6-0 win in the books for a White Sox team that wasn’t really that good in the end. They ended up going 72-90 following two stellar years prior to that. This marked Buehrle’s first win of the season. Jim Thome provided the offense with two solo home runs along with Jermaine Dye who hit a grand slam.

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The fact that Buehrle was able to complete a feat like this is something special. As mentioned before, he would be rewarded with an actual perfect game later on in his career. The career of this player was loaded with moments that should just make White Sox fans smile. Hopefully,  more moments like this are in store for the White Sox.