Chicago White Sox: Looking at the 2005 World Series rotation

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Chicago White Sox Bobby Jenks
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The Chicago White Sox had a brilliant pitching rotation in 2005. Everybody put their best foot forward and were brilliant in the run to the World Series.

The Chicago White Sox saw everything come together in 2005. It was the greatest year in the history of the franchise. They had lots of great hitters like Jermaine Dye, Paul Konerko, A.J. Pierzynski, and Scott Podsednik amongst others that scored lots of runs. They had a very good rotation to supplement that hitting which is the biggest key to this team’s success that year.

They had five good starters in the regular season but four of them really stepped up in the playoffs. They had four guys who were able to go out there and do exactly what was needed to be done to win the World Series. The bullpen had plenty of great arms led by closer Bobby Jenks. Their lives were made even easier thanks to the dominant play of the four starting pitchers in the rotation.

If there is anything that the current White Sox can learn from that 2005 team is that as good as your lineup is, it doesn’t matter unless you have the pitching to supplement that good lineup. Baseball is the ultimate team game that needs all of its parts going strong and that is exactly what happened to the White Sox that year.

All of the pitchers coming together to get it done is perhaps the biggest key to this team getting over the hump to end the World Series drought. The four guys who got it done for Chicago should be remembered fondly in this city forever. These are the four studs that we have to thank for how brilliant they were: