Three best players on Chicago White Sox right now

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(Photo by David Banks/Getty Images) /
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Chicago White Sox Yoan Moncada
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The Chicago White Sox have a bunch of talented players, but three of them stand out among the rest on the 2020 roster.

The Chicago White Sox have a much-improved team this year after having a very successful offseason that makes the roster look completely revamped.

Unfortunately, we haven’t gotten to see that product on the field yet, but when we do, it is certainly going to start a special time in the South Side.

Hopefully, this season will start sooner rather than later, but using a division structure like the one recently proposed by MLB would be dreadful for the Chicago White Sox as the division would be out of reach due to the Los Angeles Dodgers presence in that scenario.

If the Chicago White Sox don’t have to face them regularly, though, the organization could find themselves competing for a division crown when baseball resumes.

In order to have this success, the team will need many of their players to make significant contributions.

Three of those players would need to replicate their 2019 seasons and possibly even do better for this team to make the playoffs, though.

Without further to do, here are the Chicago White Sox’s three best players that they will lean on when baseball resumes.