Chicago White Sox: Three alumni who could end up coaching them

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(Photo by Ron Vesely/MLB Photos via Getty Images) /
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The Chicago White Sox have a manager but if things don’t work out, there are some old players who might make a good coach one day.

The Chicago White Sox are one of the great up and coming teams in Major League Baseball. They are also a team that has a great emphasis on players from the somewhat recent past. There are some people out there who want to start seeing that success from the past help the potential for the future. They still need a few more things to really get going in their quest for a championship.

The Sox currently have Rick Renteria as their manager. He has a record below .500 as a manager but there is a bit of context to that fact. His first year as a manager was with a rebuilding-Chicago Cubs team. They fired him, hired Joe Maddon, and won the World Series a few years later. Well, then he joined the rebuilding White Sox so he had to start all over.

That fact alone should allow Rick Renteria a fair chance as the manager of this baseball team. He has been so loyal to this team and it’s players so everyone should be cheering for him to see it through. Before the coronavirus did what it did to our world, it looked like the 2020 White Sox were going to be the best team he’s ever coached on paper. Well, this year is already unique so maybe he deserves a chance with this club in a normal year to really see how he fares.

If it should end up not working out for Renteria, the White Sox have some alumni that would make great Major League managers. All three of them in mind come from the great World Series team of 2005. These are the three best candidates to become the team’s manager amongst alumni: