Chicago White Sox: Connection to “Curb Your Enthusiasm”

(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox have a pair of personalities that have a similar television interest in the form of “Curb Your Enthusiasm”.

MLB dot com has some interesting articles coming out lately that go over some things that we might not know about if there was baseball being played. Obviously, we would rather have baseball right now but it is what it is. In the meantime, it was cool to see certain members of each organization give their favorite television shows to binge during the quarantine. Two Chicago White Sox personalities weighed in and had the same answer.

Each team had at least one person give their choice and for the White Sox, they showed an answer from starting pitcher Lucas Giolito and broadcaster Jason Benetti. They both gave “Curb Your Enthusiasm” as their answer to the question. Benetti also included McMillions which is an interesting choice. It is pretty cool that both of them had the same television show.

“Curb Your Enthusiasm” is a series on HBO that stars “Seinfeld” creator Larry David. Benetti claims that Larry David is a very awkward person but he enjoys the show anyway. Giolito used the time to state that he introduced his wife Ariana to the television show over the past month or so. It is a lighthearted topic but it is still cool to see what shows our favorite baseball players watch and potentially take the recommendation.

It is a wildly popular show but the two White Sox representatives are the only ones to list it. There was a lot of “Breaking Bad”, “Tiger King”, and “The Office” on this list from people across the MLB world. For some of us baseball die-hards, it is fun to listen to what these guys are thinking about as far as non-baseball related topics.

Hot. Edwin Encarnacion is already a White Sox hero. light

Hopefully, we are able to hear Jason Benetti calling a dominant Lucas Giolito start sometime soon. It has been really tough to deal with all of this without baseball on our televisions but it will be back before you know it. The good news of it all is that Major League Baseball is still trying to do it’s best to entertain the fans.