Chicago White Sox: “Eight Men Out” vs “Field of Dreams”

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The Chicago White Sox has had some good movies made with references to them but two stick out. “Field of Dreams” and “Eight Men Out” are classics.

There is no Major League Baseball being played on the field right now, but it will always be in our hearts. That is shown when we watch some of the old baseball classics. There are movies like The Sandlot, Moneyball, 42, and Major League that stick out for a lot of people. Well, the Chicago White Sox have some flavor in these movies as well. There are two movies in particular that feature the Chicago White Sox as a prominent team focus.

Some may remember the fact that the California Angels needed to defeat the Chicago White Sox to win the pennant in Angels in the Outfield, but that isn’t what we’re talking about here. The two biggest White Sox themed movies have to do with the Black Sox Scandal of 1919.

It isn’t a proud history for the team but it is one that has done well for storytellers across the nation who study the game of baseball. With some of the cheater news dominating the world of baseball right now, it is fair to understand why these stories become so big.

The two movies that are associated with these 1919 actions are Field of Dreams and Eight Men Out. They are both completely different films that use that story to fill a plot. One is more of a fictional “feel good” type of story while the other explains some cold hard truths about what happened. So if you had to pick one of the two to represent the White Sox, which would it be?

MLB dot com put a piece out there about the biggest pop culture moments from all 30 MLB teams and Eight Men Out was their choice for the White Sox. Field of Dreams feels like it might be bigger, however, so let’s compare the movies: