Chicago White Sox: “Eight Men Out” vs “Field of Dreams”

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The Verdict

Both movies are incredibly good watches for people who like storytelling, movies, and baseball. Eight Men Out is a much more serious movie that details the ugly parts about the White Sox history. Field Of Dreams goes into those dark days of the White Sox but it isn’t necessarily the main focus of the film. Instead, Field of Dreams uses that tough story and tries to bring light to it through magic and compassion.

MLB dot com seems to think Eight Men Out is the better option but for us, it is Field of Dreams. It is more of the “feel good” variety which makes it a much easier viewing. Both of these movies will live on in White Sox culture for a long time as they should. This used to be one of the most powerful franchises in all of baseball and they are now working their way back to that status.

There are other times that the White Sox have made their way into pop-culture but these two movies are the best example. Hopefully, baseball returns sooner than later so we can start to see this team make more memories that could potentially get them more exposed to the big screen or beyond.