Chicago White Sox: Playing Cubs in Field of Dreams game would be fun

(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox and New York Yankees were supposed to play at the Field of Dreams but it might have to be the Chicago Cubs in there now.

Last season, there was a lot of excitement surrounding what 2020 was going to bring for the Chicago White Sox. They knew that they would carry the improvements they made in 2019 along with some roster upgrades into becoming a better baseball team. Well, there was an announcement late last season that the White Sox would host the New York Yankees at the Field of Dreams in Iowa.

Well, this season even happening is in the dark right now thanks to the coronavirus sweeping the nation. We have been on lockdown and baseball hasn’t been played since mid-Spring Training. Real games that mean something haven’t been played since the Washington Nationals won the World Series back in October. It has been a rough time but we all know that baseball will return someday and put a smile on our face again.

Well, if baseball comes back and they divide the divisions/leagues up differently than normal to reduce travel, a game between the White Sox and Yankees might not be possible. If they don’t want to reschedule this event for 2020, they might bring in a new team to take on the White Sox. It would have to be a team that the White Sox have in their new division.

The team in the rumors to play the White Sox in that game is, of course, the Chicago Cubs. This would be a lot of fun for a lot of reasons. These two have a rivalry because they play in the same city. In normal years, that is the only reason they are rivals. If they were in the same division, even for just 80 games, the rivalry would heat up even more. This game at the Field of Dreams would be magical for fans of Chicago baseball as the state of Illinois looks for a reason to smile again.

Hot. The White Sox need to get off to a good start whenever 2020 starts. light

Unlike the White Sox and Yankees, the Cubs have no relevance to the movie “Field of Dreams” but it doesn’t really matter at this time. The pandemic has made it where things don’t always have to make sense anymore to get them done. In order to get that game in as scheduled, the Cubs might be the league’s best bet.