Chicago White Sox: Three trade packages for Kyle Schwarber

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Chicago White Sox Kyle Schwarber

(Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

The Chicago White Sox might need a designated hitter in the long term and Kyle Schwarber would be a good candidate for that role these days.

The Chicago White Sox might be able to take advantage of some teams looking to shed some cash. During the coronavirus pandemic, the Chicago Cubs have been losing 70 percent of their revenue. That is an issue considering the fact that they have nobody locked up in the long term. Some of them are going to be pricey and the lack of income so far in 2020 is an issue as far as paying them.

They might have to shed some salary and that could be where a team like the White Sox comes in. They have almost all of their players locked up long term and the Cubs have a player that the White Sox might be able to use to their advantage. A lot of people in this fanbase don’t like Kyle Schwarber because Cubs fans overrate him at times but there is no doubt that he is a good power hitter. He isn’t great in the field but he might make a really good designated hitter in the long term.

The White Sox signed Edwin Encarnacion this past offseason and that is definitely exciting. He is, however, a 37-year-old player signed to a one year deal with a second-year club option. It is a good deal for him and the team but they still need a long term plan. The White Sox have had a lackluster designated hitter since Jim Thome and it would really help to have someone constantly producing from that spot.

Kyle Schwarber might not cost a ton to acquire these days based on the circumstances. It really might only take a prospect or two for the Cubs to let him go. These are three packages that might get it done:

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