Chicago White Sox: Extending the salaries of their employees

The Chicago White Sox have extended the salaries of their employees which shows that they care about the people that work for them during this tough time.

The Chicago White Sox are known around Chicago to the common folk as the team’s second team. They have fewer fans and their stadium is always empty (a somewhat false claim) while everyone loves the Chicago Cubs and their stadium is sold out every night. Well, the Chicago Cubs are cutting the pay of their employees while the White Sox are extending their employees receiving full-time salaries through the end of June.

The White Sox are hoping that by the time this extension is over, baseball is being played with or without fans and they can start to get back to making money again. The White Sox are an organization that is setting the bar on the right thing to do while others follow suit and others do the opposite. The sport’s top insiders continue making these decisions made by the teams public.

It is less than ideal that we had to go through this pandemic but it is showing that the White Sox are willing to continue doing the right thing even though it would be easy to not do the right thing. They are a respectable organization and none of us will ever forget what they did for their employees years down the line when we are back to normal.

Jerry Reinsdorf has the reputation of the cheap guy. He has it with both the Chicago Bulls and White Sox but it is honestly becoming a tired take. Many owners are leaving their employees either with pay cuts or furloughs while Reinsdorf continues to pay the people that work for him despite the hard times. Hopefully, the White Sox are able to return to play sometime soon so everything can resemble normal again.

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We don’t exactly know for sure when that will be or what it will look like yet but we can remain excited for how the White Sox are perceived to be growing on the field. There are plenty of reasons to look forward to the boys taking the field once again.

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