Chicago White Sox: Three players to trade after COVID-19

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Chicago White Sox James McCann
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The Chicago White Sox are in a good spot with their catching depth right now. They pretty much admitted that James McCann isn’t in the long term plans when they signed Yasmani Grandal to a four-year extension. They are going to form one of the league’s best tandem’s when baseball returns but they might be wise to move him to a team that needs a catcher if they are willing to pay a nice price for him.

The White Sox also have some decent candidates to take McCann’s role as the second catcher. Yermin Mercedes, Zack Collins, and Seby Zavala could all be one of the players tapped on the shoulder to take on that role. They likely will have limited rolls as long as the Grandal/McCann duo remains intact but they make it where it is somewhat easy to move on from McCann if necessary.

McCann was great in his one season for the White Sox. He was the first White Sox catcher to be an American League all-star since A.J. Pierzynski. He did tail off just a little bit in the second half of the season but there is no doubt that he is an above-average catcher. A team that needs one of those might be willing to give the White Sox something for him.